Zipper That Doll - thin, soft VELCRO� brand fasteners for doll sewing and crafting.

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VELCRO ® Brand Fastener
Thin VELCRO ® Brand Fastener (no bristles, very soft and flexible)!

Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission

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This VELCRO ® brand fastener one piece that is 2 sided, meaning one side has the hook (which are bumps, not bristles)
and the other side is the loop. The width is 1 inch.

See how thin this is!!!!


Here's the CPSIA certificate from Velcro Companies, regarding lead content - Certificate

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White VELCRO ® Brand Fastener $1.75 per yard

Black VELCRO ® Brand Fastener $1.75 per yard

(remember to get enough for both sides of the project)


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